Tuesday, September 21, 2010

México de Mil Colores: Tequila

Saturday morning we went to Tequila in the state Jalisco -- where they're know for (surprise!) tequila.

Statue of a man with agave -- used to make tequila

We took a tour of the Jose Cuervo fields and distillery. 

Blue agave plants. These are the only plants tequila can be made from.
They're mostly found in the Mexican state of Jalisco, with some also in
Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas 

Posing with the agave plant 

Lilian playing the role of a Jimador and
planting an agave plant 

The Jimador (one who harvests agave plants) demonstrating
 the various cuts the agave plants receive, depending on the year

Tobias trying his luck cutting the agave plant 

Once the agave plant is ready to harvest, all the leaves are
cut off and the 
piña ("pineapple" for the apearance)
is what is used to make tequila

At this point the agave is starchy, kind of like a raw potato

with the Jimador

Our tools -- to harvest agave and hide from the blazing sun! 

Casa Cuervo 

Trying to win some tequila! 

Ready for the tour (love the hairnet, no?) 

Original cars used to transport agave and workers

The agave "piñas" are cut and cooked 

Various tools for harvesting the blue agave

Where the agave "piñas" are cooked

Once the agave is cooked it becomes very sweet

Cooked agave we sampled 
After it is cooked, it is shredded and the juices are pressed
out to be fermented.

Barrels to store tequila. The tequila is distilled 2 (3?)
times. From there, some is diluted to legal levels and
becomes silver tequila, while other is put in the barrels to
ferment (for reposado, a
ñejo and extra añejo)

Mural at Casa Cuervo
Mural at Casa Cuervo
Mural at Casa Cuervo

Coleccion Reserva de la Familia

From there we went to Don Kiko Destiladora to sample some tequilas from less commercialized distillery. 

Pretty landscape on the drive back to Guadalajara. 


  1. Reminds me of the Bacardi factory in Puerto Rico!

  2. Nice recopilation of how is made the tequila¡, missing to you more places to show an visit in Mexico congratulation.